Tummy Transformation Progress

Progress Check after 7 Days:

‘6cm gone!!! Whoopwhoop. Feeling so much better.‘

‘Lost 1.5kg and 3cm. Ab seperation down from 2 to 1 finger! Yay!!‘

‘Progress so far 5cm gone and finally getting some muscles back. Looking forward to this week! 💪🏻👌🏻🙌🏻‘

‘Omg I am so stoked 7cm gone!‘

‘Lost 6cm – so thrilled!! Woohoo‘

‘I lost 2kgs and feeling lots stronger. Plus the bonus is my separation has gone from 2 to 1 finger. Wahoo!‘

‘I’ve done my measurements 5 times this morning as they don’t sound correct, but I got 6cm off my tummy and 1kg weight loss… In a week. I can’t believe it!‘

‘4.5 cm loss! I’m so happy. Bring on week 2!’

‘5cm gone!!! So stoked!! ‘

‘Simone OMG wow 8cm gone!!!!’ 

‘3cm & 2kg!!! Pretty stoked with that 

‘3.5kg down (detox was great) and my tummy looks different! Can’t wait to see final results!’

‘1kg down and 4cm off! Wow. Amazing. More motivated than ever for these exercises.’

‘6cm gone yippee’

‘5.5cm!!!!! 79 to 73.5cm And 2kgs!!!! And I’m feeling so much better! Looking forward to kicking off the 8 week challenge!!!’

‘I had to measure 6 times then get hubby to do it! I’ve lost 8cm I’m super proud of how hard I worked last week and Simone this shape up is amazing! 😊’