Runners Program

Let’s run injury free with this 2 stage program! 

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Runners Program

Release and strengthen your hips, back and legs with my unique program


This program has been designed to help mums care for their body to be able to get back into running – or stay injury free if they are already running! 


Since giving birth, I have majorly struggled myself to get back into running without needing to stop due to pain and injuries. This has led me to create 2 routines which I complete several times a week and with these I am able to run AND stay pain and injury free! I want to share this with YOU to allow you to do the same.

I will coach you through simple, yet essential moves that will leave you feeling your absolute best, strengthen and decrease hip and back pains! The only equipment needed is your body!

Why the Runners Program?

Often mums suffer from changes in their hip area which make running a very difficult sport to get (back) into. This is caused by changes in alignments, muscle inactivity and related muscle tightness. All of which we can quite easily care for ourselves with the right routines! 

The program covers: 

  • Educational video covering facts about your body, running style and general care of your body to avoid injuries
  • Part 1 workout: Releasing muscle tension through targeted stretches and activating your gluteus
  • Part 2 workout: Strengthening your gluteus and continuing work on flexibility

This program can be used on an ongoing basis!

Program delivery

Once purchased you will get: 

  • An email explaining in detail how to move through each stage of the program
  • Access to the downloadable videos (these are yours to keep for life) 
  • Lifetime support

Find out for yourself how our Runners Program can help you

Part 1 

This 20min routine focuses on stretching and basic gluteus activation

Part 2

Part stretching, part gluteus & core strengthening to help stabilise your hips and avoid injuries