Training Programs

Want to train for something specific? We offer basic & personalised Training Programs!

We have a range of training programs to help you get into running, work on your pace, prepare for events and more!

These are your options:

  • 12 Week Running Base: When you want to get into running from scratch!
  • 12 Week Speed Phase: When you can run 3km comfortably and are ready to work on your pace while increasing your distance at the same time!
  • 12 Weeks to your Half Marathon: The last 12 weeks leading up to your big day! This includes speed work, building your distance up to your longest run pre race, tapering as well as putting together your race plan to get the best out of your run on the day!
  • Zero to Half Marathon: The full shebang!
  • Zero to Full Marathon: The full FULL shebang!
  • Personalised programs: If you prefer to work with me individually. With this option we can change your training to Heart Rate Zone training, and cover in depth speed training at your level. This is also recommended if you have several races planned back to back to assure your training is at the right stage at the right time!

Whether you want to start running, train for a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon, we have training programs to get you there! 

Not sure what you need? Contact us and we will help!

  • 12 Week Running Base

  • $30One Off
    • Starting from Scratch

  • 12 Week Speed Phase

  • $30One Off
    • Increasing your pace

  • Half Marathon & Race Plan

  • $50one off
    • 12 Weeks until Race Day!

  • Half Marathon

  • $100One Off
    • From your current Fitness Level

  • Full Marathon

  • $100One Off
    • From your current Fitness level

  • Personalised Programs

  • $37.50per 4weeks
    • Fully Personalised