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Would you like to lose weight/get fit and increase your overall well-being but are too busy? We have created the perfect solution for you! With our delicious, family friendly meal plans and 15min Workout Videos, time poor mums can now get in great shape too!

Anywhere in the UK – in the comfort of your own home!


This 6 Week Program is the perfect Kickstart if you are looking to lose weight and/or get fit & feel amazing!

15min Workout Videos & family friendly, delicious meal plans, be surrounded by a motivating group of mums who are on the same journey as you! With an average weight loss of 4.5kg consistently over the last 4 years – this program ROCKS and is great for first timers and those wanting a short butt kick alike!

Next Intake: Monday, 6th June


Our 12 Week Program has been completed by thousands of mums across the world proving to offer the right mix between guidance, support & ‘feel good’ to help mums to achieve much more than just ‘weight loss’. Gain confidence! Make Friends and Have Fun! This program will change your life

Summer Intake: Monday 6th June

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Simone’s 15min Workout Videos!

Time Poor? No worries!

Save time by bringing Simone and her awesome 15min workout videos into your lounge!

These are now part of our Shape Up & Lifestyle Programs and will help you tone your body and gain strength. Simone’s videos focus on:

Legs, Arms, Core & full body/cardio!

Simone’s light hearted and honest, straight forward approach to health and fitness has been loved by thousands of mums across the world!  With 13 years experience in the industry and a keen interest for personal development, she has a wealth of knowledge that helps transform women’s lives every single day!

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