7 days to feeling amazing

With an average weight loss of 3.5kg in just 1 week, our detox doesn’t just help with weight loss, our ladies also see the following benefits: 

✩ Clearer skin

✩ Decrease bloating

✩ Increase quality of sleep

✩ Increase energy levels

✩ Decreased pain related to arthritis

and many more!

What you get

Our detox is a 7 day meal plan specifically written for women.

It includes your full shopping list. All main meals and snacks as well as any special detox drinks (home made) are included.

The detox is vegetarian, vegan and breastfeeding friendly.

Cost of the food required is roughly $80 and can be purchased at your supermarket or local fruit and veg shop. No supplements required! 


Our Gut Healing Detox is gluten free!

Our beliefs

We believe that the most powerful medicine for our body is food. Food can heal as much as it can make us really unwell. Allowing our body to have a break from unhealthy foods and fuelling it with nutritious food is the key to our wellbeing! 

WOW Simone I have never felt so good! And lost 3.9kg as well! Amazing!

Nicole- Manchester, UK

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Eat what’s in season – nutritious and delicious



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This is my go to when I need to lose a few kilos! LOVE the meals!

Ria - Queenstown, NZ