Our Story

You will find me either spending time with my partner Simon and son Maxim, riding my horse, looking after our zoo of animals, long boarding discovering new places, surfing or snowboarding!

Hi and welcome to YMF 🙂


I’m Simone and I started YMF in 2012 when after 7 years in the fitness industry, I wanted to break away from the fads that were driving the industry and create a program for mums that would help them lose weight and regain their confidence in a fun and most importantly, healthy way!


I am a huge believer in knowledge and hard work. There is no simple way out without paying a massive (health) price for it – and seeing for years what people were doing to lose weight, was disturbing to me.


I believe that losing weight in a healthy way, is easy! The hard thing is actually doing it – and knowing how to do it.


This is where we can help. We won’t sell you fad shakes or miracle supplements – we are not interested in starving you. We want to see you thriving, on a healthy diet with manageable amounts of exercise – so that you feel truly amazing! And all along the way, support, motivate and inspire you to never give up!


If you are ready to try something completely different – then give it a go!

I promise you won’t regret it.

I am always busy doing something and if I’m not, I love creating delicious meals for my family and friends at our home north of Auckland!

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