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20kg lost during 3 back to back 6 week Shape Ups



We are so incredibly proud of you lovely lady!

Look at this mama’s incredible 16kg transformation!

After 2 back to back 6 week Shape Ups, she is looking fit, toned and healthy!


She says:

“Wow, looking at that, it’s huge, so much change not just in weight but in attitude, foods I’ll eat, energy and calmness in everyday life.  My skin has improved tenfold and I feel younger too 😀  It’s been amazing and my thoughts about myself are just so much more positive. It’s been life changing and hopefully I can continue making the good choices. When I set out on this journey I set a goal of loosing 16kg total and to actually achieve that is amazing. Thanks so much!!  I just showed my kids the difference, they couldn’t believe it 🥰   Thanks heaps for the encouragement.”

This is one incredible result by our lovely Tori! 

Here is what she did:

✩  2 Week Tummy Transformation

✩  2 back to back 6 Week Shape Ups

My very own 3 week transformation! I ask you ladies to share your results on a daily basis so I thought I would practice what I preach and kick my own butt after gaining a bit of weight last Christmas! (PS The side pics are taking from my right and then from my left hand side hence no tattoo ;0 )

Here is what I did:

✩  7 Day Detox (I did a mix of meals from the Mediterranean & Healing Detox)

✩  10-15min strength exercises per day

✩  Clean diet of mostly raw vegetables and rice 

✩  2-3 litres of water per day

End result: 4kg down in just 3 weeks and I am feeling AMAZING!!! 


I love that I found YummyMummy. From the start the communication is great. The food is delicious with easy to follow recipes and even a shopping list! ❤ The exercise is achievable time wise. Simone, the Crew and the other Mums are super supportive, without judgement. It is a lifestyle and mindset change. I have a busy lifestyle with 5 children and a business. I was so busy I forgot about me, with the help of YummyMummy it is easy to fit in “me” time and I am feeling great. Thank you YummyMummy!

What a Shape Up! I started the program not concentrating on my weight but more about the food/exercise and changing my bad habits. As a full time working mum with two boys I never get time for myself. This Shape Up was perfect with the short daily exercises but the meal plan that is so family friendly was such a hit!!
Totally made it easier to not feel tempted and eat what they normally eat!
By following the meal plan (swapping meals occasionally) and the exercises the weight just dropped off!
I was so happy with my new body to also find out that I had won overall was a complete shock!!
I love your Shape Up and encourage everyone to give it a go x’
‘This was my first Shape Up and will definitely be doing more! Even with two little ones at home I was able to do the workouts and we found several recipes that will join our weekly rotation. I can’t wait to do another 3-4 shape ups and see my final results!’
Firstly thank you for the time and effort that yourself and Sarah put into my Shape Up. I set quite a small weight loss goal (not expecting to achieve it, but I did!) but this along with just feeling so much better was such a bonus!!! The food in the meal plans was yummmmm, and we have already integrated some of these into our regular eating which is awesome!  The little tips and tricks on how to succeed with your goals was really helpful and in the end got me through, had I been left to my own devices after my slump in the middle, I probably would have given up!!
One of the driving comments that have stuck with me over the course and will do going forward when I hit future speed bumps is “weight loss is eating less calories, exercise is about wellbeing” so true and so important to keep in the back of your mind.
Thanks again!
Anna 😊
I really enjoyed the program because it kept me accountable and made me focus on what I was doing.
I loved the exercise workouts as they were simple and quick, I was able to work them into my day really easily as I knew they weren’t any longer the 20 mins, if I’d had to do any longer I don’t think I would have been as motivated.
I was really pleased with my results and they far exceeded my expectations and I was surprised how disciplined I was.  
Thanks again, now I just have to keep it up and I miss my daily workouts.
The Shape Up was just want I needed to help me loose the weight I’d been struggling to shake for about 18 months. Before joining the Shape Up I only managed about 2 weeks of good eating and then would fall off wagon. Having that personal accountability with the coaches and the support from other members on the facebook group helped me stay on track. I really enjoyed the regular group physical challenges too. This reminded me to keep moving … burning calories in fun way. And the yummy recipes were an added bonus.
I’ve been all different shapes and sizes over the years, and as I’ve got older it’s got harder and harder to maintain my weight and lose those kilos that sneak on. After lockdown it was definite time for me to gain control back and after looking at other alternatives, I decided to go with YummyMummy Fitness.
Why? A) Meal plans with good wholesome food that doesn’t raise the grocery bill and meals my husband loves (including the vegetarian meals!) B) Daily workouts that push me but only take 20 minutes and they work
So fast forward to the end of my first Shape Up and I’m blown away. Due to various reasons, the first month was a bit hit and miss so I wasn’t expecting much in the way of results, and was just super happy with how much stronger, fitter and better I felt. Then Simone sent me my side by side photos… BLEW ME AWAY! I signed up for the next program then and there because if these photos are after a hit and miss month, imagine what I can do when I give it my all!
PS If you think this is just for mummies, think again! I have fur babies, no little humans 🤣
I have tried gyms, bootcamps, diets and going it alone in the past. I have also done YummyMummy Shape Ups as far back as 2014!!! I have always had good results proportionate to the effort I put in at the time.
This time around I was in a really low place- not happy in myself, stressed and pretty miserable. Joining a Shape Up was a complete impulse buy while away on a work trip.  I jumped in boots and all and fully committed. Starting with a detox the week before a 6 week program. I set a 5kg target fir the 6 weeks, wanting something I felt was achievable, knowing that how I was feeling I could give up if I didn’t feel like I was achieving.
In my detox week I lost 2.5kg, then during my Shape Up hit 5.1kg to achieve a 7.6kg loss in the 7 weeks! This was a huge achievement for me but more than anything, this program got me moving again, helped me reset to healthier eating habits and put me in touch with a bunch of other mums going through similar daily life challenges.  The design of the program,  with the support and comaraderie of the group and staff was the perfect balance of motivation and structure to fit into busy days without being so prescriptive as to be challenging to commit to.
My mental health by the end of the Shape Up made me feel like a whole new person and I cannot thank you enough.  I have joined the club now and am making connections with like-minded people, finding support and motivation to keep on track with putting my health and wellbeing first 💗
The number on the scales is great, and a measurable goal but this program offers so much more than weight loss.
Super grateful,

8.9kg lost during 3 back to back Shape Ups

11.1kg lost during 2 back to back Shape Ups (12 weeks)

I have been trying to find a program that incorporated fitness, meal plans and accountability coaching for YEARS! I stumbled across YummyMummy Fitness online one night and I haven’t looked back! Simone and the team are absolutely AMAZING, also the online community really motivates me and keeps me accountable and wanting to reach my goals. I can’t recommend this program for health and weight loss enough, thank you ladies for creating this incredible supportive space to be part of” 

Jen Bainbridge – The Rock Radio

7kg lost during our Shape Up

4.9kg lost during our Shape Up

Tracey lost 5.9kg during our Shape Up

8.3kg lost during our Shape Up

7kg lost during our Shape Up

Jemma lost 5.5kg during our Shape Up

6.5kg lost during our Shape Up

Posture improvement in just 6 weeks

Nicky lost 7.7kg during our Shape Up

And 85cm in measurements

15.6kg lost in just 7 weeks…

.. with a detox and 6 week Shape Up

Tammy lost 7kg during our Shape Up

Looking toned, fit and strong

Thank you!!! I have completed 2 Shape Ups and loved them! I have lost weight, I’m fitter, stronger, healthier & happier. The meals are fabulous, even my husband & kids liked them. Even better, the meals were so quick and easy to make – great for a busy family of 5.  I also learnt a lot about exercise throughout the two programs. I really enjoyed the strength workouts & my kids must have too, because they would regularly join in.

I loved being part of the YMF shape up team and have had tremendous support from Simone and her team.

Thank you again Simone and the YMF team.

See you soon for another Shape Up!”


I researched various diets and fitness plans aimed at new mums as I wanted to shift my pregnancy weight. I chose YMF as they took into account that I was still breastfeeding.  Having a 4 month old baby, I knew I wanted to eat not starve myself and the recipes looked fantastic.  I knew I’d need support and encouragement along my journey so the FB group was ideal. And finally the 15 minute exercise videos were attainable in my new mum lifestyle!

I have loved the Shape Up! Got recipes that I’ll use for a long time to come! Have made a quick exercise routine a part of my day several times a week!

 I would absolutely recommend YMF to new mums and non-mums alike!

Jess (Spain)