Our Philosophy


Exercise plays an important part in our health and can make a big difference when it comes to weight loss. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration such as your health and any pre existing conditions, your fitness level, what you enjoy doing and what your personal goals are.

Our workout videos cover the following and are 15mins long: 




Core Toning and Strengthening

Healing Abdominal Separation

Upper body Strength & Toning

Legs/Butt Strength & Toning

Full Body Toning

Stretching & Flexibility

+ More


For Cardio you can choose between:


Running (from absolute beginner to Marathon runner)

Cross Trainer

Bike (Stationary and outdoor)


Cardio Workout Videos


You choose how many days per week to exercise – maximum is 6 days with 1 day Recovery. 

Core Workout


Want to lose weight but not sure what to eat? Our nutrition believes are very simple but completely different to anything else you might have tried in the past: We eat carbs! And lots of them! And with that we achieve the most amazing weight loss you can imagine! Why? Because complex, unprocessed carbs are your body’s #1 source of energy!


So forget about ‘No carbs after 4pm’ ‘No carbs’ ‘High fat’ ‘No fat’ or ‘The lettuce diet’!

This program will teach you how to fuel your body and lose weight fast without feeling hungry!  


What gets you out of the house when you don’t have a Personal Trainer waiting every day? That’s right, an amazing, supportive and inspirational group of mummies who are doing just what you are doing and cheering you on along the way!

‘How was your day?’

‘What are you having for lunch?’

‘I m feeling flat and need some advice!’

When you have a team behind you cheering you on and lifting you up when you need it, who are around 24/7 to support you, you can achieve ANYTHING!

Our online support and group environment is key to our mummies successes and you will be welcomed into it with open arms and a big smile too <3