Mediterranean Detox

This all season Detox is going to have you MAD ABOUT FOOD- if you aren’t already ;0

Packed with recipes inspired by the mediterranean diet, simple, delicious and designed help you lose max weight, eliminate bloating and boost your energy levels! It will leave you feeling absolutely incredible

Our Detox is a 1 week meal plan with 3 main meals and 2 snacks each day.

Once purchased you will receive our detox along with instructions and explanations – you can also join our private YummyMummy Facebook group where you can interact with other mummies who are starting it along side you, ask questions and share your 7 day journey to feeling awesome!

Price: $29.99

On the menu

Breakfast options:

Waking Up In Spain Summer Porridge

Viva La Mexica Chocolate Smoothie

White Sand Beach Granola

Lazy Day Oat Bar

Lunch & Dinner: 

Welcome To France Onion Soup

Summer Sunset Pasta

Greek Island Salad

Coastal Greek Stew

Shawarma Summer Wrap

Relax In The Sun Soup

Ocean View Ratatouille

Beach Paella 

ReVitalising Buddha Bowl

Vacation Couscous

Orzo Sunshine Salad

Atlantic Ocean Tagine

Gyros By The Sea

Southernmost Salad

This Detox is Vegetarian & Breastfeeding friendly