Take Me To Bali Detox

The most delicious way to feeling amazing!

I fell in love with Bali on a family holiday 4 years ago. As you can imagine, with 4 kids our daily meals were very much similar to what we would eat back at home – until we stayed in a gorgeous bush villa in Ubud and were spoilt to a traditional balinese 6 course dinner by our hosts. Since then, I have been recreating many of these traditional meals and this detox will showcase my absolute favourites! I hope you fall in love just like I did – lick the plate many times over – and by the end of the 7 days, feel incredible! 

Some of our meals

How it will help you

Our detox is written for ladies who want to feel completely different in just a few days with minimal effort required! The key changes our ladies experience are: 

  • Feel reenergised
  • Improve sleep
  • Lose 3-5kg
  • Clear skin
  • Decrease pain (especially inflammatory)

I did the green detox last week and lost 3.6kg. So happy. So many great recipes that I loved. Especially the chickpea salad and the grilled broccoli and sweetcorn. OMG!!!


What you get

Our detox is a 7 day meal plan including all food and drinks you will be having during this time!

Depending on the staples you already have at home, the groceries will cost you around $80.

These are my go-to when I need to lose a few kilos!

Maree-Ann - Auckland, NZ


I don’t like the look of a meal, what do I do?

No problem! Just double up on one of the other ones, there are plenty in the plan! 

Can my family eat the meals too?



Absolutely! Many of our detox meals have become firm family favourites.

I can’t get one of the ingredients, can I swap it?

Super easy! Yes, just swap it for a similar item. We are here to help if you aren’t sure what to get!

I lost 4.3kg with your detox! It was so easy!! Thank you!

Lisa - Auckland, NZ