How it Works!

One of the key parts to all our programs is that YOU are an individual – you have your own health history, your own goals, your own current fitness level and your very own amount of time you want to spend exercising. That’s great! What exactly you need to do exercise wise will be determined by Simone when she sets you up taking into consideration YOU, what you want and what you can do. This is what makes this program so perfectly achievable no matter if you are super fit or haven’t exercised in years!

Strength & Toning

Depending on your individual goals and amount of time you can spare for this program, you might be working on strength & toning.

Our daily 15min workouts are set up to give you the best possible results in the least amount of time. Because let’s face it, we all don’t have time!

These can both be done in your own time, any time of the day!


Cardio exercise may be part of your program, depending on your goals and time you would like to spend exercising each week.

For your cardio training you can choose between:

  • Walking
  • Running (from very Beginner to Half Marathon)
  • Cross Training
  • Rowing
  • Biking or
  • Swimming
Strength Options

15min Workout Videos

Our 15min videos focus on the following areas of your body:

  • Upper body
  • Core
  • Lower Body
  • Full Body/Cardio

No equipment needed – we start introducing weighted exercises for our advanced ladies, though all workouts can be done without equipment too!

What our 15min Workout Videos look like: