Charlotte’s 20kg Loss with YummyMummy

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The YummyMummy Shape up is the most effective weight loss plan I have done ( I have done quite a few). 
For me, the reasons it is so effective are: 
– The hard work of meal planning and calculating calories is done for you. 
– The recipes are quick, easy and delicious.
– You receive lots of support, guidance and encouragement (the thought of emailing a weigh in result to my trainer each week made me think twice about reaching for the lolly jar!).
I put on 20kg after having my first child. After having my second child I decided it was time to get motivated and lose it!
I registered for my first Big Shape Up and followed it strictly. I was rewarded with a 10kg loss!  Surprised by how easy the program was to stick with, I registered for a Mini Shape Up and lost another 4kg.
I then maintained my weight loss over the Christmas holidays and into the new year but found it difficult to lose those last few kgs on my own. I decided to do another Big Shape Up. I was less strict this time but still lost 6kg! 
I have lost 20kg with YummyMummy over the past year and I feel so thankful. This program is definitely worth investing in if you want to see results.

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