Jo’s journey to fitting her work skirt!

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Stuck in a rut… no exercise… little meal inspiration… googled 15 minute workouts and voila!  YummyMummy!
My goal was to fit my black work skirt comfortably – as opposed to suck it in tight!  And to give myself a shake up – to get a better healthier lifestyle for me.
YummyMummy delivered all that and more.  I couldn’t believe just how much better I felt.  Usually desperate for “more sleep” but struggling to get to sleep at night – I have energy AND sleep!  
I love that the programme covered the spectrum – food, exercise, accountability, inspiration and mental perspective!  And that I got to do it on my terms in my own way.  It never felt too onerous – and as the results came so did the motivation for more!  
The crazy thing is… I might have lost 5 kg and been delighted… but the average across our group was 6kg!!  THAT is inspiring!!

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