Thank you!!!I have completed 2 x 8 week shape ups and loved them! I have lost weight, I’m fitter, stronger, healthier & happier. The meals are fabulous, even my husband & kids liked them (well most of them). Even better, the meals were so quick and easy to make – great for a busy family of 5.  I also learnt a lot about exercise throughout the 8 week programs. I really enjoyed the strength workouts & my kids must have too, because they would regularly join in.

I loved being part of the YMF shape up team and have had tremendous support from Simone and her team.

Thank you again Simone and the YMF team.

See you soon for another Shape Up!”


I researched various diets and fitness plans aimed at new mums as I wanted to shift my pregnancy weight. I chose YMF as they took into account that I was still breastfeeding.  Having a 4 month old baby, I knew I wanted to eat not starve myself and the recipes looked fantastic.  I knew I’d need support and encouragement along my journey so the FB group was ideal. And finally the 15 minute exercise videos were attainable in my new mum lifestyle!

I have loved the shape up! Got recipes that I’ll use for a long time

To come! Have made a quick exercise routine a part of my day several times a week. 

 I would absolutely recommend YMF to new mums and non-mums alike!

Jess (Spain)

I have trying to find a program that incorporated, fitness, meal plans and accountability coaching for YEARS! I stumbled across Yummy Mummy Fitness online one night and I haven’t looked back! Simone and the team are absolutely AMAZING, also the online community really motivates me and keeps me accountable and wanting to reach my goals. I can’t recommend this program for health and weight loss enough, thank you ladies for creating this incredible supportive space to be part of” 

Jen Bainbridge – The Rock Radio

It’s such a good feeling to finally make it back to my pre pregnancy weight (or what I call my normal weight) in just under 18 months with you and the YummyMummy Team. Plus I now have the added bonus of having muscle tone and being super fit!

18 months ago when I joined I was so worn down and confused. I’d spent a year desperately trying to loose the weight by myself. I started running, brought a home gym, went Keto, took advise from friends, family, the internet and was getting nowhere. 

I finally went looking for a programme online and was tossing up between YummyMummy or another online program and while the other programme seemed very flashy and professional I’m so glad I went with you. You are a wonderful motivator and your personal touch from the fitness videos to your messages of support in the groups are amazing. You and your team are what makes YummyMummy great!

Thank you for clearing my head of a million different opinions and making everything so simple. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Next goal is learning how to maintain not just the weight but the fitness and muscle tone… oh and a new wardrobe 🙂


I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for giving me the chance to do this. I had never counted calories before so a whole world has opened up for me due to taking part in this program. Even though I have not been 100% active in weigh-ins and following the fitness program I have changed my whole lifestyle due to the education that has come about from this. I have learned so much and am so thrilled with how my body looks and feels. I have stopped biting my nails, and I had really bumpy skin on my upper arms which are now smooth. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Amanda x

Hi Simone! Wow, I am so pleased  with the results! And since the beginning of this week I have already lost another 900g. I am so thankful for your support. I have learned about portion size and healthy food choices, but more importantly I have come to love exercise (not burpees though!! haha). Thank you Thank you.Enjoy your day xx


Thank you to you and your crew for the awesome support and kick up the butt when required! Have found your program the easiest to follow and am so happy to see the changing results in this old girl!!

Cushla xx

I started YummyMummy when my son was 7months old and I was at the heaviest I had ever been. None of my clothes fitted me and I needed a big change but the idea of losing all the weight I needed to freaked me out! Two 8 week Shape Ups later I’ve lost 15kg and feel amazing, I am getting into clothes I haven’t worn since before my first child was born and am much fitter. The workouts are so easy to fit around a busy lifestyle and Simone and the other mums support is awesome. Can’t recommend the programme enough!

Thanks Simone!  Was blown away by my final results too. I’ve been lucky to be able to take time out from work to focus on my health which I’ve neglected for so long. I saw a story by one of the people on the 8th July Shape up that resonated with me. That’s why I love the programme as it’s real and they are so supportive and you know that you’re not alone in your struggles/successes.


I don’t feel like I’m dieting I’m eating fab food and don’t feel hungry

So surprised by the amount of pasta and rice in the meals love it!!

I just want to say your food is amazing!!! It is so tasty so quick and the ingredients are easy to find!!! Honestly I’ve never been able to stick to diets before but your detox diet and this one is just next level awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! Xx


I recently completed an 8 Week Shape Up and enjoyed myself so much!  I lost 6.4kgs and have changed the way I eat for the better.  The recipes provided were all so delicious and I am still making them now that I have finished.  The support from Simone and the YummyMummy Crew was invaluable!  They kept me going and encouraged me along the way to do my absolute best.  In fact I enjoyed myself so much that I am now a Lifestyle Member and am still doing daily exercises and eat healthy.  Roll on more challenges!”