YummyMummy Tummy

We Specialise in getting mummies tummies flat & strong and heal Abdominal Separations 

If you want to change the way your tummy looks after having kids – THIS is for YOU!
2 week Toning/Strengthening program that is going to transform the way your tummy feels and looks!
Abdominal Separation SAFE options included – Suitable for mums of ALL ages
* 6 weeks post natural birth or 12 weeks post c section!
* Abdominal Separation of less than 3 fingers wide ONLY!
We start as a group with hundreds of other mums on the following dates:
26th November
10th December (last time this program is run with a group)
Daily 10-15min Workout Videos
Tips & Tricks on how to get and have a flat tummy!
A Chatty Interactive Facebook group
7 Day Support
Our programs are home based so you can join from absolutely anywhere
Starting From only $19.99 
Join our next Group or do them by yourself with our Access only Option