HELP – Weekend weight gain

HELP – Weekend weight gain

‘Simone I put on 1.3kg over the weekend 😫 How do you gain that much fat so fast?’

When you have social events, eating out etc and don’t balance your food intake out on the day, it is super easy to gain a few kilos fast, but that weight isn’t fat right away. First off, it is food sitting in your system needing to be processed, as well as fluid retention.
What you do in the first 1-3 days after decides whether your body stores any unused calories as fat or converts it into energy – meaning, whether you are left with fat gain or the weight drops off again.

While your system processes the food, it is best to cut your food intake back for 1-2 days to allow your body to use the calories it has ready to be converted into energy and avoid storing it in your fat cells.
If you don’t cut your food intake back, your body will have an over supply of calories, resulting in fat/weight gain and it will be much harder to lose this weight once it is converted to fat stores.

I hope this helps you better understand sudden weight gains 💞 

Simone xx

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