Secrets to losing weight

Secrets to losing weight

There are a few things we tend to automatically do when we start our health & weight loss journey, that hold us back from achieving the results we want! Try to avoid these and you WILL succeed!

  1. Excuses. This is a huge one! We say we want to achieve something but will use any excuse not to do the things we know we need to do! You have a plan, you MUST stick to it! 
  2. Focusing on food all day. If you want to lose weight, you need to STOP thinking about food all day, yet we tend to do the opposite! All that’s on our mind is ‘what can I eat next?’ ‘What can I have for a snack?’ Instead try to push any food related thoughts of your mind – you have a plan, stick to that, make sure you have your main meals planned and prepped and if you consider any other food on top of that, ask yourself ‘Do I really need this or am I just bored?’ Most of the time, it’s purely a habit or boredom, and can easily be avoided by keeping busy!
  3. Not drinking your water. No excuses, your body needs water and the amount of water set out in your plan has nothing to do with weight loss, it is simply what your body requires each day, all the time! So when you don’t hit your water target, you aren’t just missing a vital step in your plan, you are actually depriving your body of the one thing it needs the most! 
  4. Thinking exercise is the magic answer. It’s not! Exercise does very very little to help you lose weight so rather than making it the most important part of your weight loss journey, look at it as 1 small part of you being healthy, fit and strong – that is all exercise does! It is not a weight regulator! 
  5. Eating healthy without portion control. We often think, ‘It’s healthy so I ll lose weight!’ – that is definitely not the case! We can over eat on healthy food just as much as we can on unhealthy food! The key for weight loss is to eat less than your body requires, whatever food that is at the end of the day – so while eating healthy food is a great first step, it is not the only one required to see the results you want! 

Losing weight is not that difficult, and definitely not impossible! But remember that there are a few things that make ALL the difference, while others just make you feel like they are making a difference, when they aren’t! You will find this a lot easier and more motivation when you focus on the things that make a big difference – portion control and knowing exactly what goes into your body! That is where your results are!

You’ve got this!! Don’t give up!

Lots of love

Simone xxx

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  • Maria Jenkins
    Posted at 19:19h, 04 November

    I liked this and I neeeded to hear it today too. Thank you

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