THE Shape Up

8 Week Mind & Body Transformation

Would you like to lose weight/get fit and increase our overall well-being but are too busy? We have created the perfect solution for you! With our delicious, family friendly meal plans and 15min Workout Videos, time poor mums can now get in great shape too!

Gluten Free Meal Plans NOW Available!

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2018 Kick Offs:

Monday, 5th February (2 Spaces left)

Monday, 19th February (14 Spaces left)

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YummyMummy/Hunky Daddy – Partner Shape Up

Eating a healthy diet and changing your lifestyle habits is SO much easier when your partner is on the same page! Why not do this together? You can now add your partner to the program, who will receive the following:

  • Full Training program tailored to him and his goals
  • Diet advice. He will be eating the same meals as you, however he will need to make some changes as males need more nutrition than females. We will tell you what these need to be!
  • Check in for both of you each week!
  • His own weekly challenges!
  • Half Way & Final results
  • 24/7 support for him when he has questions or needs help!

Cost:  Mum only $200    Mum & Dad $320

Payment Plans available – Join via Join Now Button below and choose Mum & Dad during Check out


  • Weekly Meal Plans with shopping list
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Recipe Database for swap out options
  • Weekly Weigh ins
  • Half Way and Final Results check in
  • An amazing online group of mums who are on the same journey as you
  • Weekly accountability check ins to keep you on track


  • A flexible training program that will leave you feeling proud
  • Team Challenges
  • Simone’s weekly mindset emails
  • An amazing online group of mums who are on the same journey as you


  • Virtual Classes
  • 15min Workout Videos
  • Training Programs to follow in your own time
  • Exercise Guidelines
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Safe for mums who suffer from Abdominal Separation or Pelvic Floor Problems
  • Pay Upfront

  • NZ$200One Off
  • Includes FREE Detox

Find out more about the exercise component of our programs


Wonder what types of food we eat? Find out more here


Need Support & Accountability? This is what we offer!


  • Pay Upfront

  • NZ$200One Off
  • Includes FREE Detox