5 Great Reasons to start Exercising Today!

5 Great Reasons to start Exercising Today!

From the minute we become a mum, we tend to start putting our new baby first and ourselves to the very end of the list of priorities.

Suddenly we find ourselves having to decide whether to shower or eat in those precious 15 minutes we might get to ourselves. Putting on make up, doing our hair or reading a book can suddenly completely vanish from our day to day life and all that seems to matter for a while is feeding baby, changing nappies and getting baby to sleep.

Sometimes this can be a huge shock to the system and often we find ourselves eating sporadically and not being able to make the healthiest food choices – easy & convenient is all that matters.

Exercise might or might not have crossed your mind while you are busy looking after everybody else but yourself. If you are in doubt, I want you to carefully consider these 5 reasons as to why you should start exercising sooner than later:

  1. Me Time!

Exercise can be a great way to start doing something for yourself, even better when you can simply bring your baby or toddler with you. Getting out of the house to catch some fresh air and socialising with other mums while getting fitter and stronger leaves you feeling completely revitalised.

  1. Be Happy!

Research shows that exercising for as little as 30mins per day has great effects on the way we feel and is proven to help treat depression as it activates endorphin production, which are our ‘happy hormones’.

  1. Fresh Air- Better Sleep x 2!

Getting out into the fresh air helps us sleep better! Even better, it helps baby sleep better, too. So while you move to get fit and work your muscles to get strong you also work your lungs, soak up lots of fresh air and so will your baby- a great way to help baby (and with that you) sleep better!

  1. Happy Mummy- Happy Family!

As a mum we often forget that the only way to give our family 100% of our energy is by looking after ourselves to make sure we have that energy to give. If we are low on energy, our entire family can suffer. So get moving and get fit because exercise is the very best way to keep your energy levels up.

  1. Be A Rolemodel

From the first time your baby looks into your eyes, they will start learning and they do so by copying you. ‘Normal’ to your kids is what they grow up with, so make sure they grow up watching mum life a healthy life.

And remember:

Happy Mummy = Happy Family 



Simone x

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