Baking Sourdough

Baking Sourdough


Now that your starter is ready to go, it’s time to bake some delicious bread!

If this is your first time, I suggest sticking with a very basic white flour bread on 75% hydration, once you are more confident working with the dough you can up this to 80% hydration. We are using the following ingredients:

1kg flour

750ml lukewarm water (75% hydration) – it would be 800ml water on 80% hydration

20g salt

150g starter at its peak

This process takes roughly 14-16hrs at room temperature so make sure you allow enough time to be there when your dough is ready for the next step!
PS When I made my first sourdough I thought, heck I m never doing that again! Well … I have made it again! Numerous times and am loving not only the process, but the fact that my family now eats exclusively home made sourdough bread and we all feel amazing for eating REAL food!!
PS Does your starter have a name?? Let me know what you called it 🙂





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