Best Breasts

Best Breasts

A few weeks into my pregnancy I was excited to see some growth happening in the right area- my boobs! Good to see it wasn’t just my bum that was growing out of my clothes!

As I was still exercising and training my clients all the way through my pregnancy, I had to do something to lock those bosoms down.

They were getting so big that they were bouncing around in all kinds of directions (no jealousy please, they really weren’t that big…but to me who was usually a comfortable C cup it felt like they were at least an H! perhaps that’s a little exaggeration but I swear they felt like it!!).   All this movement was uncomfortable and actually quite painful!  Plus I needed to strap those puppies down to stop them from giving myself … or one of my clients a black eye!   I was also worried that they might stretch down so badly that I end up with stretchmarks on top of all the other delightful things this pregnancy was doing to my body!

It was time to go shopping. ‘Brilliant’, I thought, ‘I love some retail therapy!’

So off I went with my huge swaying bosom leading the way to attempt to find something that would help control them and prevent injury to myself or innocent bystanders.

While out searching I noticed that ‘sports bra’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘super-comfortable-won’t-let-them-jump’ bra, it simply means your straps are wider and they provide more comfort than your sexier daywear bra. So with all this choice and huge differences in prices, which one am I supposed to choose?

The two most important things to look for in a decent sports bra is support and something you may not have put a lot of thought into… the material it’s made of.


We’re all different body shapes so different styles of sports bras will be better for you than others.  You also need to consider what your ‘needs’ are in a sports bra, both from a comfort point of view but also what you’ll be using it for;  do you need no-bounce support?  Do you need separation of the breasts?  Does it need to be comfortable enough to be able to wear it all day?  How easy is it to get on and off?

It’s a good idea to help you figure out how much support the bra gives you, to jump up and down a few times, bend over, jog on the spot etc as you will be doing a lot more movements during exercise than simply standing up looking straight ahead (and I m glad to tell you that unless u opt for the gym option, there won’t be any mirrors staring back at you either).   You need to be a snug fit with little movement of the breasts but still be able to breathe!   If your boobies didn’t touch the sides of your arms too much (or the sides of the cubicle!) during those little exercisey movements and you feel super comfortable in it, then you might have just found the perfect bra. Congratulations!



All good and well if it feels comfortable inside the ‘can’t hardly move’ cubicle with a lovely lady outside hassling ‘is everything fitting ok?’ (‘No I m having trouble fitting my right boob in there, would you mind giving me a hand?’); but the material has to survive a few runs in the washing machine and murder exercise sessions. Invest in good quality material that also allows your skin to breathe & ventilate.  This is especially important while breastfeeding as non breathable materials can cause nipple thrush – and you really don’t want to have to deal with that as it can be extremely painful! It might cost you a little more at the beginning but you really don’t want to find yourself back there for another ‘bra fitting’ any time soon.

Ideally awell-fitting sports bra should allow hardly any movement, be made of sturdy, comfortable yet breathable material and feel like you never want to take it off again- much to the delight of your partner!

But ladies, my advice is that if you are pregnant or breastfeedingdo not wear underwired bras- EVER!  The wiring can damage your milk ducts and restrict growth.

Happy & Safe Training

Simone x

PS Sad to tell you that my boobs are no longer a C cup either… is it possible breastfeeding feeds babies breast tissue??? I m sure that s what happened in my case.

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