Best & Worst Alcoholic Drinks

Best & Worst Alcoholic Drinks

I hate to tell my mummies that they ‘can’t’ drink any alcohol – instead I take more of a lifestyle approach – sorry, alcohol always hinders weight loss, however you might like to hear that you can enjoy a couple of drinks a week without doing too much damage – if you make good choices 😉 Here are a few of your BEST and also WORST options! If you can say ‘best’ options haha

Enjoy! And comment below and tell me what you like to drink??


Best Standard Drinks:

  1. Vodka Lime and Soda – 80cals
  2. Sparkling Wine (160ml) – 104cals
  3. Red/White Wine (160ml) – 130cals


Worst Standard Drinks:

  1. Jim Beam/Jack Daniels & Coke – between 190-260cals
  2. Gordons Elderflower Spritz Bottle – 242cals
  3. Smirnoff Ice Double Black Cans – 255cals



Best Cocktails:

  1. Gin & Tonic (220ml) – 170cals
  2. Mojito (237ml) – 242cals
  3. Pina Colada (177ml) – 383cals


Worst Cocktails:

  1. Long Island Ice Tea (350ml) – 798cals
  2. Kahlua Mudslide (260ml) – 440cals
  3. Chocolate Martini (177ml) – 438cals



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