How To Boost Metabolism

How To Boost Metabolism

If you are feeling a little (or a lot) sluggish, then your metabolism could be to blame.


What Is Metabolism?

Alright, so we have all heard the term, but what is metabolism?

Metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that take place in the cells of your body. Put simply, metabolism converts the food you eat into the energy you need to power your body. You need your metabolic processes to be functioning well so your body has the energy to move, think and function.

So, are you now interested in how to boost metabolism? Let’s look at the ways you can do this!


How To Boost Metabolism…

Embrace The Most Important Meal of The Day

Do not, I repeat do not skip breakfast!

There is a reason it is known as the most important meal of the day. Try and eat breakfast within an hour of getting up so that your body has energy to draw on straight away. A brekkie that is high in complex carbs will keep you full and satisfied while supplying your body with the energy it needs to start the day.

Don’t feel like you need to choke down eggs at breakfast time though! There are plenty of better ways to get your nutrition – Oats, nuts, whole grains as well as veges do the trick just fine!


Eat Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbs (like wholegrains and veges) take longer for the digestive system to process, so they give a steady release of energy. This means that your metabolism doesn’t slow, and your body gets an even energy release without blood sugar levels rising.

The added bonus of complex carbs is that they can help to prevent sugar cravings! Read all about sugar cravings here in our recent blog.


Sleep… And Then Sleep Some More

Getting the right amount of sleep is important for many reasons, and metabolism is no exception. Depriving your body of sleep can throw your hunger hormones out of whack.

That means that you are more likely to feel hungry. Excessive hunger leads to overeating and lethargy. The exact opposite of what you want. The right amount of sleep, at the right time means that your body can function the way it should.


Stock Up On Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps your body to convert the carbs from food into energy. That means if you eat foods that are high in Vitamin B, it can help the energy conversion process along and boost your metabolism.

Foods that contain a lot of vitamin B are beans, lentils, wholegrains, and green veges like kale or spinach.


Get Off Your Butt!

If you sit for too long, it can slow your metabolism. You can prevent this from happening by increasing your overall activity. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to double your exercise efforts, but you should take every opportunity to be active.

Take the stairs instead of the lift, make a pact with yourself to stand and pace while you are on the phone, use a standing desk to work at, or get up and stretch a couple of times an hour. Do whatever you can to get your body moving and your metabolism will thank you for it.


Don’t Do Fad Diets

Fad diets are named ‘fads’ for a reason. Diets that become trendy overnight because they help you drop weight fast are not sustainable. You will likely put all the weight back on, plus more, when you come off the diet.

Not only that, but they are actually damaging to your metabolic rate by changing the way your body is meant to function.

Taking a healthier approach to weight loss will retrain your body into natural functioning, not shock it!


Drink Green Tea

Green Tea lovers will be excited to hear that the drink has many health benefits, including slightly boosted metabolism. Don’t jump to the conclusion that green tea is a magic weight loss drink. You won’t drop kilos just by sipping it.

But its antioxidant properties can help you burn energy at a slightly higher rate. Plus, it is far more refreshing and less calorie-laden than dairy filled counterparts like tea and coffee!


Eat less processed food

Processed food can be filled with chemicals that slow your metabolism down. The best way to let your body do it’s thing is to eat a diet rich in natural, whole, unprocessed foods!


There is no miracle method for increasing your metabolism so that fat simply melts away. But these methods will keep you burning energy and staying healthy… can’t complain about that!

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