How A Detox Can Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey

How A Detox Can Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Did you just hide your ‘comfy’ pants in the back of the cupboard because they have become a lot less comfy? Or maybe your body is overloaded with junk and you have decided enough is enough.

Whatever the reason, is it time to get your eating on track and drop some kilos?

Then the very first step is to put your body through a detox. A detox is a fantastic way to kick start your weight loss journey because it gives your body a really good base to work with. Cutting out all the nasties in one go is like resetting your body back to factory settings. Let’s look at how this works…


What Is a Detox?

The word detox can conjure up images of depriving yourself. Then there are the thoughts of weird foods, odd drinks, hunger and gasp… colonics! These kind of detoxes promise that you will feel better in the end, but is is really worth putting yourself through it?

Detoxes don’t have to be like that. The goal of a detox is not to starve yourself, but to clear the toxins from your system, reboot your metabolism and to kick start good eating habits. They also don’t have to contain fancy foods, or strange concoctions. The best detoxes contain regular food items that you can source from your local supermarket or farmer’s market.


How Does It Work?

After years of harmful and addictive foods like processed items full of preservatives, your body needs a break. Struggling with your weight and yo-yo dieting have affected your health, leaving you feeling like rubbish on a daily basis. It is time to detox and cleanse your body.

We don’t mean one of those crazy detoxes where you only drink a certain liquid for a week, or where you take supplements in the form of pills, but a detox program that uses regular foods. Our kind of detox is designed to cut out the bad and increase the good. With a 7 day meal plan to follow, you will focus on delicious foods packed with good stuff. Back to basics!


5 Benefits of a Detox

1: Makes You Feel and Look Better

A detox can heal your body of symptoms like fatigue, headaches, achiness, digestive issues, and a whole bunch of other things. After just 7 days you will wake up feeling more vibrant, more alive and full of energy. You will also see an improvement in the way that your skin looks, becoming clearer and smoother.

2: Removes Excess Waste

A detox helps the body remove any excess waste that it has been stored by letting the liver, kidneys and colon do their thing. Cleansing the colon is especially important as the toxins cannot leave the body with a backed up colon.

3: Gives You A Stronger Immune System

By cleansing your body you allow your organs to function exactly as they should, and absorb the nutrients they are meant to.

4: Clears The Brain Fog

A detox can help your mind feel clearer. That makes sense as you are removing the sugar-filled, processed foods that often cause lethargy and affect the quality of our thinking.

5: Squashes Food Cravings

You may have unrealised food addictions to sugar, fats, or other foods that prevent weight loss. By eliminating these for 7 days you are reforming new habits and breaking those addictions.


How A Detox Kick Starts Your Weight Loss Journey

A detox gives you a great grounding for your weight loss journey. You break bad eating habits that you may have adopted and encourage healthy changes to your long-term diet. Instead of going cold turkey on cutting out the foods you have grown to love, you replace those foods with healthier options and retrain your body. This makes it easier to stick to your new habits.

Obviously you are going to lose weight in the short term with a detox as you are cutting out the foods that caused you to gain weight in the first place. But a 7 day detox will start you on the right path for sustainable weight loss. Because you will be full of energy, you can supplement your healthy eating with exercise to see long term results.

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