Maintaining Your Detox Weight Loss

Maintaining Your Detox Weight Loss

WAHOOOO I have lost 4kg – now what? 

Once you complete one of our Detoxes, your metabolism will be at it’s absolute peak and you will feel amazing. But what is the weight loss actually and how do I make sure I don’t put it back on!

The weight you lose is a mix between retained fluids, toxins and fat.

Processed foods, sugars and foods high in salts, create the perfect environment for unneeded fluids to be stored. By cutting out all of the foods that support this, means our body can let go of these fluids, which makes up a big part of the extra weight we carry. To assure that your body doesn’t start storing these extra fluids again, eating a diet low in salts, sugars and processed foods will make a big difference.

Part of the weight loss is fat. When we lose fat, what is left behind are empty fat cells. It is much easier for your body to refill these empty fat cells than it is to create new fat cells (which it does once all existing fat cells have been filled). To assure the empty cells do not get refilled, make sure you don’t consume more food/energy than your body requires. The average female requires around 1700-1900 calories per day without exercise or breastfeeding to maintain her weight.

Top Tips:

  • Continue eating a diet high in vegetables and complex carbs. 
  • If you are cutting things out, make sure the first and most important thing you cut out is processed foods.
  • Keep up your water intake! Hitting your water target has nothing to do with weight loss but everything to do with keeping your body hydrated and healthy.
  • If you notice that your tummy is feeling bloated, try to work out what it is you were eating that caused this as bloating and gas is a sign that your tummy doesn’t agree with something you ate.  
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