Why Breakfast can make or break your day!

Why Breakfast can make or break your day!


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Choosing the right breakfast can absolutely decide how your nutrition for the rest of the day will go!

This is what I have learned:

If I skip breakfast, I get to about 11am and am ravenous! My body NEEDS energy right now and so what I crave is sugar – sugar is the simplest provider of energy so when your body needs energy right away, it will always crave sugar!

Eating breakfast is about much more than just feeling full, it’s about giving my body the energy it needs for the first half of the day, for my brain to function well. I find the best thing for me to eat is some sort of oats – porridge, bircher musli, musli, fridge oats, smoothie, muffins – you name it! It really doesn’t matter too much how I prepare it, as long as I have it in some form or another. But any other form of complex carbs are just as good! You might prefer savoury – there are so many options out there just as long as the base part of your meal is complex carbs, not fat or protein as neither of these are an energy provider!

So when I eat the right food, I am full and can focus until midday – when it’s time to refuel. Why? Because oats are a complex carb, meaning complex energy that your body can process slowly and evenly – this means I have energy and my blood sugar levels don’t spike!

So what are some great breakfast options?

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