I have been learning a lot about my mind lately – and 1 thing that keeps coming through is how the negative is ALWAYS so much stronger than the positive. You know as in – you have 10 people tell you you look beautiful and 1 person telling you you are too big, BAM you think you are too big right? What the other 10 people said no longer matters. Isn’t it crazy? And how does your brain do this over and over in all kinds of situations? I feel like I am my own ‘Joy’ (remember ‘Inside Out’ last week!) trying to manage my own mind – you could probably write a movie about the conversations that happen up there, makes you feel slightly craycray. A bit like this:

Me: Awesome, everything is great! My family is healthy, we are fed and warm – what else could I want? 
Mind: Simone stop being so positive! Life is tough – you need more me time, you are terrible at managing your time and setting priorities!
Me: Ok, be quiet, I really don’t need this negative stuff right now! I’m good, that’s just how life is right now. It’s fine! 
Mind: No Simone! You could be a much better mum, you could be a much better friend…
Me: Well I m trying my best, now be quiet and stop trying to drag me down! (Put on some happy song I can sing along to to stop my mind from going on and on and ruining my day…) 

Or on a more funny note – this is my positive body imagine conversation – You know there probably isn’t a person in the world who s absolutely perfectly happy with themselves (I hope Giselle Bundchen is but hey who knows she may well not be?) – but I find that what does help is to eliminate any negative stuff. Just like excuses, if one comes up counter attack it right away – bang excuse gone! Same thing happens in the bathroom! A bit like this:

Me (looking in the mirror): Crickey I look tired today! Now how can I fix this? A shower will help… 5mins later…. Ok much better. Hair for the day (try pony tail) hmm no that doesn’t look good today (try head band, hair wildly up in a bun look) GREAT! Much better!
Now to get dressed: Put on skinny jeans .. hmmm no I ate something wrong yesterday, bloating and skinny jeans doesn’t go, let’s try baggy jeans… ahhh Much better! And a loose top on top of a tight one. GREAT we’ll just go with the ‘cool’ look today! Suits me 🙂  And it works, not even I can tell that I m bloated. Though I really don’t like the way I look from the front today (move around to stand sideways) ah see not too bad after all!
Ready to tackle the day feeling AWESOME – give myself a smile and let the day begin 🙂

I have those internal conversations with myself on a daily basis (and I seriously hope so do you!) and am really working hard on keeping positive things happening consistently. I often feel like my mind is playing games with me and trying really hard to make me feel bad, sad, ugly, worthless and you name it. Happy me is always there and luckily always wins. And ok I get it you might think I’m a bit weird now & might be a little worried about me, but don’t worry I m fine 🙂 I’ve figured out what my head does and I work with it (by the way I do this same thing when I run too, and if you have ever stopped before your time was up then hey there we go your mind does the same silly things to you too!!)  – I often laugh about myself too – and if you haven’t yet, I want you to try it! Next time you look in the mirror and find things wrong with you or you feel bad for doing something that you think you shouldn’t be doing as a mum or could be doing better – have a little giggle about yourself and say ‘seriously, give yourself a break’.
I reckon it works!

You know just like when you get all sad and emotional and cry about absolutely nothing and have no idea why and then a guy (could be your partner or dad or friend) says: Hun, when is your next period? You: Uhmmm tomorrow?! And then you have that massive laugh about yourself because you just realised that yep that s why you are feeling all weird and teary! And you say to him: HA I knew that!!! ;0

Now there are a lot of non mind related positive things I have put in place to keep the happy vibe going –

For example I have started having fresh flowers in my house – I am getting quite good at getting the most out of them too and rearranging them each week. I spend $10 a week on fresh ones (I often just stop when I see some pretty ones randomly growing in the side of the road too!) and that makes 3-4 vases of flowers consistently. I m loving it!

I listen to music A LOT! When I get up in the morning, I put music on right away – I love the atmosphere it brings into my house and when I m feeling particularly happy I just love to have a little boogie too! Feel good vibes all round.

I don’t watch much telly at all, but when I do I watch something funny. I really enjoy light hearted funny stuff – stand ups, a funny show (love Graham Norton, Live at the Apollo etc), you know it really doesn’t have to be much, just a little giggle at the end of the day, helps me sleep well and be happy 🙂

Whatever it is that makes you happy, smile, giggle, laugh – find ways that work for you! Know your mind, know how YOU tick! And then work with it – it can be quite fun ‘tricking’ yourself into being happy, as silly as that may sound 🙂

Be Happy!

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