How to get off a Plateau!

How to get off a Plateau!


Are you stuck on a plateau and nothing you try is getting you off it?
This may have several reasons, and here are a few of the first things to check/try:

  1. If you want serious results you need to be seriously accurate! You might think that you are undercutting your daily energy requirements, but most likely you aren’t. Use a food diary to track everything that crosses your lips – often we don’t even realise how much we consume!
  2. Take measurements. Your shape might still be changing without showing on the scales, using different ways to measuring progress can really help you see your improvements and they don’t always have to be numbers on the scales
  3. Take Photos. Another great way to measure your progress!
  4. Are you building muscle? It’s not always the reason but did you know that your body with muscle mass will be around 2-4kg heavier than without muscle mass? Another great reason to use different ways of measuring progress
  5. Are you drinking soft drinks? We often forget how much of an effect these have on our weight! Even zero/diet drinks make a big difference as they severely effect the way our body functions! So if you are consuming these, cut them out!
  6. Alcohol! If you are drinking alcohol, even if you allow for these in your daily allowance – they will hinder weight loss. Try cutting back to 2 standard drinks max per week and you may see the results you want again
  7. Finally – remember that staying the same weight for 1 week is not a plateau! Especially after a big loss 1 week, we expect a small to no change the following week as this is how a lot of body’s deal with weight loss. We are all different! A plateau is only a plateau if our weight stays the same for 2-4 weeks without any weight loss whatsoever!


You’ve got this momma! If you have any questions at all feel free to ask or join one of our upcoming Shape Ups for the kick up the butt and motivation and see results again xx

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