Which trainers should I choose?

Which trainers should I choose?

Your shoes are one of the most important pieces of workout equipment you have. This is because if something isn’t right with your feet, you will struggle to exercise!

Your feet are the foundation of your whole body, as your body works like a moving chain, connecting your feet to your joints, bones and muscles.

Choosing workout shoes can be difficult, especially as you will need different shoes for different types of workouts.



Your shoes should provide support to absorb shock, as well as comfort.

  • What size do you need? Do the shoes have extra space to allow your feet to swell during exercise.
  • The back of the show should be firm to support your foot.
  • The shoe should only bend where your toes are (not in the middle), to increase stability.
  • Check whether the middle of the shoe can be twisted, this should be difficult, but not impossible.
  • Do the shoes have laces to allow changing the tightness. You want your shoes to be laced tight.


Knowing your pronation type:

    • Neutral: your foot rolls inward at a healthy amount.
  • Over-pronation: your foot rolls excessively inward.
  • Supination: your foot rolls outward.


To find out what pronation type you are, good running shoe stores will be able to help you identify this and recommend a suitable shoe for you.


YummyMummy Strength workouts:

You want support and flexibility, combined with shock absorbency. Minimalist style exercise shoes are a good option for many!


YummyMummy Free-weight Strength training:

You want shoes that are hard, stable and have non compressible soles, to provide you with the support to keep you stable when handling weights.

Many people choose shoes that lack stability and support, which can affect our technique and ability to lift heavier weights.


Do you have different shoes for different workouts? Do you have favourites? We would love to hear what your experience with workout shoes has been 🙂


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