The Best & Worst Cafe Breakfast Options

The Best & Worst Cafe Breakfast Options

If you find yourself enjoying a lovely morning at a cafe, you might feel slightly overwhelmed with all the different options and what to go with. I have done some research for you and put together the TOP 3 Best & Worst Options


  1. Bircher Musli – roughly 200calories + Milk & Fruit
  2. Poached Eggs with Tomato on toast – roughly 360calories
  3. Bagel with Cream Cheese – roughly 350calories + additional condiments


  1. Eggs Benedict (MY FAVE!!!) – roughly 950calories
  2. English Breakfast – roughly 850calories
  3. Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup – roughly 650calories


I hope this helps you make an informed choice next time you are treating yourself <3


Simone and the YummyMummy team

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