Tips For Keeping Fit & Healthy In Winter

Tips For Keeping Fit & Healthy In Winter

Winter is here, and traditionally it is the season of coughs, colds, and germs. If ever there was time to walk around in a bubble, winter is it! But bubble living is not so practical, so instead you have to do everything in your power to keep healthy. One of the best ways to do this is to keep up your fitness, so we have come up with our 10 tops tips to stay healthy and fit this winter…


10 Top Tips For Keeping Fit & Healthy in Winter

1: Eyes on the Prize

One of the most difficult things about exercising in winter is getting yourself motivated. Yes, it can be really hard to get out of bed to run because it is early, it’s cold, and the blankets are snuggly. There are so many excuses that you can come up with for why you shouldn’t get out and exercise. But the fact of the matter is, you are never going to achieve your fitness goals from your bed.

Keep your eyes on the prize and push forward to keep your goal.

2: Take Up a Winter Sport

Playing a team sport can be really great motivation to get out and stay active. You can’t miss practices or games, as it will let your team down. You get to maintain your fitness as you dash about the court or field, and you get the opportunity to make some new friends too.

3: Embrace the Gym

Who says you need to be outside in the cold during winter? Your local gym is going to be a far warmer option! Going to the gym does not just mean lifting weights, or running on a treadmill for endless hours. There are lots of great opportunities for exercise like group fitness classes, attached swimming pools, or even yoga and pilates.

4: Wear Layers

When you first head out the door, it is going to be cold! But, as you warm your blood, you are going to feel warmer too. If you have a couple of thin layers on, you can shed one or two as you run – if you need to.

5: Take an Online Fitness Class

Thanks to YummyMummy, you don’t even have to leave the house to attend a fitness class. They run a guided fitness class completely online. You sign up to attend, and one of the amazing instructors will lead you in a live workout as good as any gym class! No need for dodgy gym showers afterwards, or even having to travel. Just great fitness in your own home. For more info on this option, click here.

6: Keep Up Your Nutrition

Did you know that weight loss is 80% nutrition? So if you are looking to maintain your bikini bod over winter, it is important to keep up with your nutrition. It can be tempting to reach for the comfort foods, or the naughties. But with very little effort, you can make your own winter warming comfort food. If you want to know more, then you can check out our meal plans here

7: Try New Ways To Get Active

If pounding the frozen pavement is not getting you motivated, then look for some new and interesting ways to get active. Take a family hike, go ice skating, go on a scavenger hunt, do a deck of cards workout, play a sport, or try different group fitness classes at the gym. Step outside of your comfort zone and get creative on how you stay active – there are far more options than just running!

8: Have an Exercise Buddy

Having a buddy to exercise with will help to keep you both motivated. Make sure you choose someone that will pick you up when you are feeling down, and return the favour by picking them up when they get down. Making the commitment to each other will mean that you are far more likely to follow through on your active plans.

9: Get Plenty of Sleep

Not getting the right amount of sleep is the best way to expose yourself to germs and immunity weaknesses. It can alter your mood and increase your chance of the winter blues, or worse. If you don’t go to bed on time then you have very little chance of getting up on time for your exercise in the morning!

10: Make Your Social Life Active

It is hard to want to sit on the sidelines when everyone else is having fun getting active. Organise fun active options as your social outlets. These can be indoor or outdoor, whatever takes your fancy and whatever your social group enjoys doing.


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So there you have it, 10 great ways for keeping fit in winter. We would love to hear how you keep fit in winter time, leave your tips in the comments below!

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