My Own 3 Week Transformation

My Own 3 Week Transformation


Who knows this feeling?

It’s the start of January, a lot of food and alcohol has been consumed – so much fun! Until your clothes don’t fit …. Well this happened as per usual at the start of the year and I decided to give myself a butt kick to get back on track and lose those 4kg I had found over Christmas! 


Here is what I did to lose 4kg in 3 weeks, get back into an exercise routine and eat a healthy nutrition: 

  • 1 Week Detox: I always do this to get back on track. It cleans up my diet and gets rid of any bloating and skin irritations. I lost 2kg with this.
  • I exercised 10-15mins per day, full body but with a heavy gluteus and core focus as this will be my base to build on this year.
  • Kept my diet super basic and clean to lose another 1kg each week after the detox. 
  • I drank 2-3l water per day


All of the above is pretty identical to what we do during our Shape Up programs – click here for more info 

My next goal? 

I have always wanted to have a 6pack but never had the motivation to be that disciplined. I turn 37 this year and think that I am going to give it a good go to see what it takes to get there. I think I will need to lose another 3-5kg plus of course all of the exercise that goes with it 🙂 I am going to join the 8th February Tummy Focused Shape Up to help me with my goal especially to stay motivated!!! 

I will share updates as I go so stay tuned and if you are keen to jump on board then join our club or one of our upcoming Shape Ups




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