Ok – so I m a mum. I don’t sleep much. I m BUSY!

And here you have it: I LOVE CHOCOLATE!

If you put 5kg of chocolate into my pantry every day, trust me I WOULD eat it!  Every single day!
So here are my 5 Steps to coping with chocoholism (is that even a word? Never mind, it is now!):

1.NEVER EVER even put 1 step into the supermarket isle that has chocolate!  Sounds full on? Well if I was to walk through it, even if I had no plans to buy chocolate AT all! The stuff would magically fall into my trolley! And from there it would magically fall into my mouth not long after! So, the supermarket rule is: DO NOT walk through the chocolate isle!

2.If I come across chocolate while out and about – I RUN! RUN as fast as I possibly can, because if it catches up with me – I WILL eat it!

3.If someone GIVES me chocolate – I stop all forms of contact with them! Delete them from my contact list, unfriend them on facebook and pretend we NEVER knew each other! Seriously, WHO would do such an awful thing?????

4.I struggle at every single check out I ever walk through because lets face it – those evil evil retail people KNOW ME! They know that I can’t say no to just a teeny tiny inzy winzy chocolate bar – AND IT’S ON SPECIAL TOO!!!! It’s just plain nasty how they do this to me! They don’t care about the fact that in 5mins (once I have inhaled that entire chocolate bar in 1 breath) I will be feeling super guilty! But hey they made some money out of me! Simone, DO NOT give them a single extra dollar more than you already are! There you have it! I don’t even want your chocolate! .. and then I RUN! Fast! Before I change my mind!

5.If tips 1-4 fail and I DID eat some chocolate – I do 10 Burpees for every single gram I ate! That will help burn off the extra calories I consumed and might help me say NO next time I am about to indulge in some yummy, delicious, soft, tongue melting chocolate sweetness.

And now let me think, was there something in my pantry that could possibly MAKE chocolate?????

Dear lovely mummy & fellow chocoholic! Please know that no matter how ‘perfect’ you may think somebody is, we ALL struggle with certain things! You are NOT alone 🙂

PS never forget Tip #1

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